Birchanger Parish January 1894
To the parishioners of Birchanger.
My dear friends.
In sending out the first number of the Birchanger Parish Magazine I venture to ask you sympathy and support for our paper and to hope
that it may receive a welcome in every home in the parish. The body of the magazine the banner of Faith is an old friend.: the page of
local news will serve as a monthly chronicle of our doings; and the cover which links together Church School and Club will be a constant
reminder of our three chief agencies for God’s service, and mutual help and improvement. It is my earnest prayer that under God’s blessing
the parish magazine may make Church, School, and Club and all that they represent , dearer to us, and more useful and draw us closer to-
gether in a common bond of love and good works. With all best wishes for your highest happiness and prosperity in the new Year,
I am your faithful friend and servant,
W, H Cam.
Oct. 15. Frederick Douglas,
son of John and Celesta Blake.
Nov. 5. Arthur James son of Frank and Sarah Sandford.
Ditto Frank, son of George and Sarah Banks.
Nov. 26. Fanny, daughter of Charles and Emma Stock
Ditto George Stanley son of Charles and Emma Leech
Dec. 17 Stanley Thomas, son of Thomas Samuel and Sussannah Reed.
Oct. 14. Joseph Mean; aged 13 years.
Banns of Marriage between Henry Bird, of Great Hallingbury, and Emma Player, were published for the third time on December 10th.
The following ladies have kindly undertaken charge of districts :-No. 1. -The Willows and Duck End, Miss Chisenhale Marsh. No. 2.
Village No. l (Church to the willows 3. Village No.2 (Church to the Main Road), Miss Nash . No 4.(Pesterford Bridge and Stansted
Miss Spencer and Miss J. Spencer. No. 5. Stonyfield Common, Mrs Chester and Mrs Arthur Gold.
Quarterly meetings of District Visitors will be held at the every quarter at 12 o'clock. It is requested that any district longer than a fortnight,
will inform Mrs. Cam who will take charge of the district during her absence. on the first Wednesday
The Bishop of Colchester proposes to hold a Confirmation in Birchanger The Rector will be glad to receive the names of lads and girls
over the age of 14 with a view to forming classes.
The School broke up on Wednesday, December 20th, when prizes were given to 21 children who had kept 400 or more attendances
during the year. Six for drawing; Mr. Cam and Mr. Turner spoke briefly to the scholars urging the importance of regular attendance,
and pointing out that every child had a chance of winning a prize. The Inspector's report was “very good” and only just short of excel-
lent, and they must all do their best to get a still better report next year. The school will open again on Monday, January 8
A smoking concert, organised by a small committee, consisting of Messrs P. Wood, H.Levey and C. Banks, was given by Messrs. Prior,
of Stansted, on Saturday evening, December 9th. About 40 members attended, and the party broke up at l0 O’clock after a very pleasant
Notice will be given in our next number of the Entertainment, Christmas tree, and Sale. Which the members of Mr. Charles Gold's family,
with their usual kind consideration, are providing in the week before and after Christmas. The present number had to go to press before they
were held.
The best thanks of all interested in the Parish Magazine are due to Miss Beatrice Pulteney for the design which appears on the cover.
We shall all feel that it adds greatly to the value of the magazine.
Sunday 11 am. and 3.30 p.m. January 6th (Epiphany) and January 25th (Conversion of St Paul) at 11;30 am. Holy communion will be
celebrated on the first and third Sundays of the month after morning service; on the second and fourth Sundays at 8 a.m.
Holy baptism will be administered on the first Sunday in the month only except for urgent reason. Notice should be given not later than
the previous Sunday to Mr F Levey or R Blake.