Good weather
blessed us again for the village fete on July 6
. At around 7:30, people began to gather to set up
this years event and by one o’clock all was ready. As usual there were numerous stalls placed around the Club sports field
offering diversions such as :- “Catch the Rat, Punch and Judy, a Coconut shy and a Bouncy Castle. There were also various
plant and craft stalls. Jay Leavers babysat his Pig Roast while entertainment was provided by, the Herts and Essex Road
Show bus and the Standon Morris men.
A Small funfair was set up at the western end of the field
providing a Carousel, Candy floss etc. One really interesting
stall sold CD ROM copies of the village archive as compiled
by Tony and Carol Childs. Several copies were sold
giving purchasers a good look at the documents and
photos in the archive.
As the day drew on various prizes were won by lucky and in
some cases energetic villagers. The first prize drawn was £50 for
the “Pot of Gold”. The lucky winner was yours truly which went
a long way to making my day. Next came the Raffle first prize
was a Microwave oven kindly donated by Alan and Kath Levine
and won by Mrs. J Monk. Other prizes included tickets to “A
Summer Breeze” a Concert in support of SSE these could be
won at Honest Brian Ross’s roulette wheel. Prizes were also
awarded to Kevin Robeson, Donna Monk and Lee Booker win-
ners of the welly throwing competition. Club Steward Tony
Lucas spent his afternoon organising a Balloon race on behalf
of the Saturday Football club, the winner of this is still to be
The future of our village fete hangs in the balance as three of the organising committee are
stepping down. Kath Levine and Husband Alan will be departing the village in the near
future. Jill Sanders will be resigning due to family concerns. Paula Walkling is also
stepping down . There can be no doubt that the contribution made by these villagers will
be missed and it is to be hoped that volunteers to replace them will be forthcoming.
Our fete is now a village institution that raises funds for numerous village projects. Any
Village organisation wishing to apply for a grant should write to secretary Jill Sanders at
254 Birchanger Lane. The Fete committee have asked me to thank sponsors Pestell Estate
Agents and The Social Club for the use of the field.
Honest Brian Ross at the Roulette wheel
A quiet moment for Jean and Sheila
The Standon Morris men Almost all in step
Village Magazine
July 2003 Issue 7