Moorswood was built by New College Oxford, as a rest house for the Dons when they came on respite to visit Thremhall Priory. There is a date on the chimney inscribed 1450, although it is believed that some sort of dwelling existed prior to that date.

It was built as a two up two down dwelling, with a timber frame, thatched roof, and spiral staircase. Thremhall Priory was razed to the ground in the reign of Henry VIII, and it not clear what happened to the house. There are two large alcoves inside the chimney, which are probably Priest's Holes. It is rumoured to have been a pub or a bakery latterly.

It remained in the ownership of New College until the late 19th century. The rental in 1855 was five shillings per annum. A large extension was added in the 17th century, and various outbuildings, all of which are incorporated into the existing house. The upstairs floor was destroyed by fire in 1910, and the new chimney bears this date. The thatch was not replaced.

Moorswood after fire