Birchanger Village Magazine

By Eddie Gilbey (with later updates by Ken Wheatley)

Birchanger Village magazine came about in 2003 due to its predecessor, the Birchanger Parish magazine ceasing publication. The former publication ran to 76 issues edited by Elizabeth Jennings and was produced right from the start as a Church publication, sponsored principally by Rector Andrew Spurr.

Copies of all 76 issues are available in printed format but the replacement publication was produced right from the start as a printable electronic publication.

When Elizabeth Jennings made it known that the Parish magazine was going to print its last issue in December 2002. Councillor Elizabeth Godwin began to look for a replacement Editor.

Magazine Banner

The Magazine banner artwork



In early November 2002 I put my name (Eddie Gilbey) forward as Editor and a small committee of volunteers did the same, they were Elizabeth Godwin, Alan Levine, Ken Wheatley, Mark and Tina Crossley and Ken and Jayne Devine. Alan Levine agreed to become the treasurer for the magazine and Mark Crossley volunteered to look after the advertising that we would need for funding. More important than either of these positions was Ken Devine offering to produce the magazine at cost through his working connections. The Parish magazine was distributed around the village by a team of deliverers headed by Andrew Cameron. He was happy to continue to do the same for the village mag. So all of the elements were in place.

We were fortunate to attract funding from several village sources including:- The Parish Council, the Club, Open Gardens, the Fete Committee etc.

Early front covers

Some early front pages

The first issue was published in January 2003 and was fortunate to coincide with the erection and dedication of the village sign. This became the leader story in a four page issue which met with general approval from those who expressed an opinion. By April we had increased to eight pages, there was no lack of copy and eight pages now seems to be the right size.

In 2004 Kath and Alan Levine left Birchanger for a new home in Norfolk, this resulted in Ken Wheatley taking over as treasurer. As I write we are now at 23 issues, in quite a healthy financial position and looking to the future.

Update - February 2007

Jayne Devine has left the Magazine Commitee because of other work commitments, and her place has been taken by Michael Daw. We welcome him on board.

Andy Cameron has left the village. We would like to think him for all of the work he did organising his team of magazine distributors. This important work has been taken over by Trevor stone - thank you.

Update January 2014. Ed Gilbey is still the editor, and Ken Wheatley the treasurer. Liz Godwin represents the Parish Council; Tom Grainger the Club; and Tony Wilson represents the village's dogs.

Update March 2017

Ed hung up his editor's hat some time ago, and Tom Granger took up the thankless task for several months. Tom introduced some nice new features such as restaurant reviews and an updated calendar that includes information on which rubbish bins are collected when. An elevated workload linked to Brexit forced Tom to stand down, so Peter Sampson took over. He has added further new features; attracted new advertisers and has generaly placed the Birchanger Village Magazine on a firm footing.